About the Project

KaaliTales began as an initiative of Brown n’ Proud, an NGO that deals with the issue of colourism. Brown n’ Proud noticed how the idea of fairness as beauty was very common in stories told to children, and decided to give fairytales for children a modern twist. The name ‘KaaliTales’ was suggested by a follower in a post on the NGO’s Facebook page:


In 2013, KaaliTales 1.0 was launched, with 15 schools from across the country participating. Young minds were encouraged to write and re-imagine fairy tales as ‘KaaliTales’ – tales that prompted them to come up with their own heroes and heroines who reflected modern life and could inspire them. The effort culminated in the first set of stories that were edited, illustrated, and published on this site.

KaaliTales has since grown to address many other stereotypes that are commonly found in fairytales. We seek to demolish gender roles and welcome “fierce heroines” and “sensitive heroes”. Our characters (and the children who write them) are active, passionate, warm and brave – regardless of their gender, colour, or (dis)ability.

-Chirayu Jain, Founder



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